Introducing Superfast Hair Reductionl Technology

SHR Lasers- a revolutionary new method for hair reduction that is virtually pain & side effect free.

In comparison to other dated lasers and IPL methods, SHR provides faster, safer and pain free hair reduction treatments for clients.
Most conventional IPL laser hair reduction technologies utilize massive amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure hair reduction.

SHR IPL Lasers fire multiple shots but at lower Joules.
This new method gently heats the hair follicles producing a warm tingling sensation—some clients compare it to a warm massage. In-Motion technology is utilised by moving the hand piece over the treated skin which contributes to the overall comfort felt during hair reduction treatments.


The unique laser technology and techniques used in SHR IPL makes all hair and skin types suitable for this treatment.
SHR IPL is also an attractive hair reduction solution for those who don’t want to shy away from the sun, meaning hair reduction treatments can be had all year round.
By utilizing low heat, SHR IPL decreases the amount of heat absorbed by the skin so treatment can be done on tanned skin. SHR IPL Technology is ideal for LIGHTER and WHITE HAIR.


On average we recommend a course of 6 treatments.



Laser treatment for thread/spider veins works by directing very strong bursts of light on to unwanted veins on your face and body that cause the vein to gradually fade and eventually disappear.
Lasers are very direct and accurate and only affect the area being treated, as such they are a very safe procedure. The treatment is usually very quick and can be likened to the sensation of being flicked with an elastic band.

During the laser vein removal procedure, the laser, which emits light of a particular wavelength or colour, is directed into the skin to target visible veins (blood vessels). It passes harmlessly through the top layer of epidermis of the skin.

The blood vessels absorb the light, which results in heating and destruction of the vein by a process known as thermo coagulation. The dispersed blood cells, in the form of a bruise, are then carried away by the body’s collecting cells, leaving behind normal skin. As the laser energy is absorbed by the skin, it heats it up, and creates a sharp pinprick, burning sensation. The discomfort level is moderate, and no anaesthesia is required.

Prices are on consultation


Banish redness, reduce pigmentation and rejuvenate skin with IPL Laser facials

If you’re looking to treat;
• Redness such as acne roseaca
• Active acne
• Pigmentation
• Anti aging skin rejuvenation
• Overall brighter, more even skin tone
IPL treatments could be the right option for you. 
It’s extremely effective, and with a course of treatments, can provide long-lasting results. 

IPL lasers pulse light through the skin’s surface, targeting a specific area in the underlying tissue.

In the treatment of pigmentation, the laser causes the pigment to break down into smaller particles, before rising up to the surface of the skin to flake away as part of the body’s natural healing process.

As a redness, rosacea and rejuvenating treatment, it works by using the light energy to target blood vessels and tissues underneath the outer layer of skin. This triggers the body’s natural healing response, which breaks down the damaged tissue and forms new cells, resulting in clearer, more refreshed looking skin. 

IPL is a type of laser skin resurfacing treatment, so while you’ll feel a slight sensation during the treatment, it doesn’t require extensive downtime.
Skin may appear red or inflamed after a session, but this will improve on its own in the days following the treatment. 



Prices for body treatments are on consultation



Unwanted tattoos can be removed gradually over a series of sessions using our YAG laser. The energy from the YAG laser breaks down the tattoo ink into tiny fragments, which are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream and safely passed out of the body. Over a series of treatments, more and more of the ink shatters, leaving the skin free of ink.

Prices for treatments are on consultation



A laser carbon facial is a new non-invasive and pain-free laser treatment that is great for treating minor skin imperfections. Assisted by the laser’s heat energy, the carbon powder penetrates to the dermis, stimulating skin cells, repairing, and promoting the growth of collagen and elastic fibers.

Benefits of A Carbon Facial

• Reduces Fine Line & Wrinkles
• Reduces Pore Size
• Reduces Acne, Scars, and Acne Discoloration
• Reduces Oil Secretion
• Clears Pores to Reduce Blackheads & Whiteheads
• Removes Dead Skin Cells From Superficial Epidermal Layer
• Improves Skin Texture 

 Thers no downtime following a carbon facial, just fresh rejuvenated skin.

Price £120

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