Light Therapy Facials

Light therapy is clinically proven to be an effective treatment for acne - blue light kills the bacteria that cause acne, while red light reduces inflammation, heals and rejuvenates the skin. 

Compliment light therapy facials with Clinicare enzyme peeling gel that  efficiently removes dead skin cells whilst encouraging new cells to come to the surface, leaving skin looking positively radiant and enabling light therapy to maximize skin penetration and cellular activity. 

Treatments include hydro gel masks tailored to your individual requirements.




Laser Lipo is the latest non-invasive fat reduction treatment which breaks down fat cells (including cellulite) and tightens skin, using a combination of low level diode laser, ultrasound cavitation waves and radio Frequency, giving you inch-loss as well as improving general skin laxity.

This treatment aids the removal of stubborn pockets of fat  from areas such as the abdomen, thighs and chin, and can help combate the appearance of cellulite and lift the buttocks by creating gentle heat and vibrations to enable fat cells to become more permeable which allows transport of triglycerides (fat) out of the cell. The triglycerides are then removed via the body's own immune system over the following 2 to 3 days. Radio frequency then tightenes the skin and boosts collegen and elastin production.

Laser lipo performs:
Body Contouring
Fat Reduction
Cellulite Reduction
Skin Tightening
Bum lift
Upper arm skin tightening
Face & Neck Lifting

Ideal candidates for laser lipo will have a BMI of under 28.

The ideal candidate should be at, or close to, their healthy body weight and have realistic expectations of what the treatment can achieve.
People who have a significant amount of weight to lose or are obese are not suitable for this treatment as it is designed to remove unwanted pockets of fat and contour and shape the body rather than provide significant weight loss.

Completing 20 minutes of exercise after your treatment and increased water intake will enhance your results which improve with each session.


Single treatment        £100
Course of 6                £550
Course of 12              £1000


Collagen Boost Facial

Radio frequency and red light therapy skin tightening is a technique that uses energy to heat dermal tissue and boost collagen production for instant tightening and lifting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

The result is an instant tightening and lifting of the treated area.

This facial boosts new collagen and elastin development to provide significantly longer-lasting results improving skin tone and texture.

Price £75


Fire & Ice (RF) Facial

This first part of this facial combines the anti aging benefits of radio Frequency and light therapy which generates heat in the deeper layers of skin stimulating collagen production.

This is followed by icy pulsated oxygen therapy that's infused with conditioning peptides to hydrate the deepest layers of skin.

The final step is a rejuvenating collagen mask with hyaluronic acid, Snake Neuro Peptide, for a targeted and long lasting anti-wrinkle and tightening effect.

Price £85



Dermaplaning is an effective manual, physical exfoliation method where a sterile, one-use scalpel is used at a 45-degree angle over the face to remove the top most layer of skin and up to 3 weeks-worth of dead skin cells in one visit.

Along with the removal of dead skin cells Vellus hair is also removed during dermaplaning. This is the fine, fluffy hair we all have. This hair scientifically won't grow back darker or thicker - contrary to what some people think, it is physiology impossible.

The amount of dead skin and hair that is removed varies in each individual, but everyone will experience instant luminosity after the treatment and skin that looks and feels baby soft (which lasts around 2-3 weeks).

Dermaplaning can be carried out every 4-8 weeks depending on clients skin condition and desired results.

Dermaplaning benefits:
*acne scaring
*unblocks pores
*reduces fine lines and wrinkles
*reduces symptoms of acne rosacea
*removes vellous blonde hair
*gentle exfoliation
*increases absorption of topical products


Collagen Induction Therapy

Face And Body Treatment

This is a non-surgical clinically proven treatment that causes skin to stimulate collagen production and fresh, new tissue. Skin tightens; wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and hyperpigmentation significantly diminish; pores become finer; and the overall health and circulation of the skin is improved.

Clinicare Mesotherapy solutions are used in conjunction with collagen induction therapy. These contain a mixture of anti-oxidant ingredients that enhance skin rejuvenation, hydration, firming and tightening, perfectly complimenting this anti aging treatment.

Clinicare skincare collections are recommended for home use to ensure maximum results.

Collagen induction therapy treats;

• Fine Lines
• Wrinkles
• Sun Damage
• Large Pores
• Hyperpigmentation
• Acne Scarring
• Injury Scarring
• Stretch Marks
• Uneven Skin Texture
• Cellulite


Hydrodermabrasion & Oxygen infusion

Hydro dermabrasion is the new generation of skin care that uses water jets and suction to flush out your pores and hydrate whilst simultaneously exfoliating your skin. This will reveal a smoother, more even texture of the skin and can be used on all skin types, helping aging,congested, blemished skin, or dull and discolored skin. Oily types can benefit to make it less greasy, and pores can be shrunk. Mild acne scars can be reduced, and fine lines can be decreased. Puffy eyes are also reduced.

Skin will see results immediately after the procedure, It will be soft and feel hydrated. The water that is used is infused with minerals and vitamins.

To finish this fantastic treatment we include Clinically proven Oxygen Therapy that delivers pulsated oxygen and a specially formulated skin serum deep into the skin layers promoting healthy skin restructuring, elasticity and firmness, the perfect relaxing anti aging treatment.

Light therapy can be also added to this treatment.


Clinicare Silky Clear Enzyme Peel

This multi action enzyme peel effectively helps uncover a smooth, fresh, new complexion without drying, irritating, or causing undue stress to skin. It removes impurities and decongests clogged pores for a youthful, radiant look.

The best product to prepare skin before collagen induction therapy.

Vitamin C Enzyme Peel

This will gently smooth, resurface and tone your skin, vitamin C encourages the skin's natural regeneration process, boost collagen and speed up the skin's natural cell turnover leaving your skin glowing.


Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly referred to as ‘Botox’, short for Botulinum toxin.

This is a naturally occurring protein that causes the muscles of the face to relax, consequently smoothing out wrinkles. It is the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment for the removal of wrinkles.



Treatment for excessive underarm sweating


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are popular treatments used for softening wrinkles, laughter lines, facial lines and wrinkles caused naturally by ageing or sun exposure. Combined with a local anaesthetic, dermal fillers are injected into the skin to give your face a natural volume, leaving your skin completely hydrated and youthful.

Popular areas to add volume and fullness to include the lips, cheeks and bridge of the nose. For smoothing and plumping lines and wrinkles, popular treatment areas include around the forehead, eyes, mouth, chin, neck, décolletage and hands.

Please see our price list for treatment areas.

Non surgical rhinoplasty
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty corrects the nose using long lasting dermal fillers without the need for costly surgery. Fillers can be used to improve the look of a variety of noses. The most common problem that people seek treatment for is the Dorsal bump; this is the classic bump on the bridge of the nose that can give it a hook like appearance. It is also possible to lift the tip of the nose, by injecting the base of the tip with filler, the nose is given more support and the droop in the tip is lessened. Unlike painful surgery there's no down time with this treatment and results are immediate and last up to 2 years!! Our nurse practitioner Steffi completes this treatment using juverderm voluma, the market leading product.

Non surgical facelifts
Our non-surgical face lifts produce a transformative, lifting and rejuvenating result, but without the cost, downtime or risks involved with surgery. The non surgical face lift uses advanced dermal fillers not just to restore volume but to lift the tissues and structure of the face to produce a more youthful profile. Sophisticated techniques require working across different injecting points on each side of the face.

Results include:
Lifting the lower and mid face
Creating more youthful contours
Improving definition around the jawline
Rejuvenating the eye area for less 'tired' eyes
Firmer, smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles
More awake, alert features with less 'sagginess'

Our non surgical facelift is particularly effective and natural-looking as it focuses on overall rejuvenation of the whole face, rather than trouble-shooting one or two specific troublespots. Our nurse practitioner only uses advanced and long-lasting Juvederm® hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, which contain an anaesthetic so the procedure is practically pain free.


Volite Liquid Facials

We very proud to be one of the first and very few clinics to be able to offer this product to our clients.

The product used in this facial is different, as it delivers a high degree of smoothness and elasticity to the skin, with minimum swelling after injections and longer and more natural looking results.

Juvederm VOLITE hydrates deeply, increases the skin density, refreshes and rejuvenates. The result of the procedure shows as an improvement of the skin texture and elasticity, and this product delivers deep and long-lasting hydration, with a tightening and lifting effect.


Phi-lon Plasma Treatment
Non Surgical Eye Lift & Anti Ageing Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Phi-Ion treatment is a plasma technology that introduces a series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin, this process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of skin fibers to create a lifting, remodeling and rejuvenating effect.

Phi-Ion pen uses the plasma state of matter. The principle involves the ionization of gasses from the atmospheric air to create micro electrical discharge causing sublimation of the excessive/sagging superficial skin layer. It is minimally invasive and doesn't affects deeper layers of skin.

Phi-Ion provides an effective non-surgical blepharoplasty (saggy eyelid correction), nonsurgical neck-lift, and wrinkle treatment. It is also able to remove skin blemishes and skin tags.

A course of treatments are recommended for deeper lines/wrinkles and eye lid treatments to ensure maximum results.
Can Treat:
* Eyelid correction
* Neck-lift
* Lines and wrinkles – crow feet
* Marionette lines
* Freckles
* Skin tags
* Under eye bags
* Age spots

Eyelid correction; single treatment £200 or 3 treatments £500

Due to varying size and depth of treatment areas all other treatments are priced on consultation.


Semi Permanent Make Up & Micro Blading

Semi-permanent make-up, also known as micropigmentation, is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing which allows you to have long-lasting eyeliner and lip colour as well as being able to shape and contour your eyebrows. The procedure involves tiny particles of pigment being placed beneath the surface of the skin, much like a tattoo. This pigment will stay in the skin for a number of years, gradually breaking down and fading with time, although the longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type.


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